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Begin by talking to Patchy Ask him about any adventures

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Begin by talking to Patchy Ask him about any adventures

Guns are in RS... Don't be concerned, I've asked permission to OSRS Gold dani! The quest to use pistols: Gun not intended... Skills needed: 40 Magic, 19 Smithing 15, 15 Fletching 15 Runecrafting. Items include 2 bronze bars 1, 1 log, and 1 elemental rune.

Begin by talking to Patchy Ask him about any adventures he has to offer in the oceans. He suggests that you talk with Bill Teach regarding one of his inventions. Ask Bill about the contraption. He will give you blueprints so that you can make your own. It's a straightforward puzzle similar to the one found in Rocking out.

After it is finished then take two bronze bars and a log. Then carve the log into "Pistol stock" and then hammer the bars into the "Bronze Barrels". Use them on one the other. Bill will be amazed by your efforts and will show you how to make Rune Powder. Make use of a mortar and pestle to create "Air Powder." Bill will tell ya that air powder can be used to shoot air essence at your enemies. But, the elemental runes require at most 40 magic to ignite. (Full explanations will follow.)

Then, he will ask you for 4 different elements powders. After you've collected them, the instructor will show you how to shoot it. Right click on the gun, then press the open button. The powder will be transferred three shots to the gun once you fire it. Wield the pistol and you will fire three shots at a dart speed. Unlock the pistol and reload it. Repeat.

He tells you to try it on Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold the dummys. Each damage you take gives you) 0.5 magic points. Quest Complete You can upgrade your Pistols to Rune. Ability to create Rune Powders (Requires the appropriate levels of runecrafting) Ability to use pistols (requires attaks of the appropriate levels) 50 air powder, 10 body powder


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