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Help create a more resilient and finally reasonable experience
21.3.2019 8:40:18

Help create a more resilient and finally reasonable experience

21.3.2019 8:40:18
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Help create a more resilient and finally reasonable experience

All NBA 2K19's gameplay adjustments work towards making an experience that's a nearer approximation to reality. This leads to a more rigorous simulation style of play that NBA 2K19 MT rewards those with the most skill and discipline.When you step on the timber, the very first thing you'll notice is the new Takeover meter. Takeover has the capacity to either boost or hurt a player's key attributes. If you make a couple shots in a row with a sharpshooter, it is possible to trigger Takeover to further increase their likelihood of making another shot.

Conversely, if you fire brick after brick, a snowflake icon appears next to a player indicating they've gone cold. You will find nine Takeover archetypes in all, each affecting key areas like passing, defense, discovering lanes, and rebounding. Some celebrity players have multiple Takeover abilities as well, although this new feature isn't a huge game-changer, it does highlight the fact that after NBA players get in rhythm, they could literally take over games.

While Takeover is the largest addition to the gameplay, it's by no means the only one. Tweaks to both defense and offense help create a more resilient and finally reasonable experience. It's far more difficult to reach the hoop against AI defense without setting a display or running a drama. In previous versions, you could easily get a step on a defender in one of situations. Now, you get shut down more often when attempting to play hero ball.

The shooter meter's color can be altered and placed in an assortment of positions alongside your player. Furthermore, there's more accuracy to the on-the-court action, marking both contested and open shots as they seem. The shot meter stays with you on all shots now, such as layups. This improvement is particularly welcome since it was simpler to miss open layups in 2K18 due to its lack of clarity about when to discharge a shot. Each layup cartoon has distinct timing though, so it's still possible to miss open layups if you aren't careful.

On defense, you'll need to be more attentive even with AI providing better assistance. In 2K19, you must manually contest each shot, meaning you must pay attention to ball fakes and expect when they'll go up with the shooter. If you do not time it properly, the offense has an open look nba2king.


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