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New to OSRS, but thought that was pretty cool

23.9.2020 9:30:31
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New to OSRS, but thought that was pretty cool

I simply started OSRS following a decade hiatus and obtained 99 fletch in two weeks to RuneScape gold trim my forthcoming range cape. Just been a member for like two months, so not completely new. Okay you had me fooled, however for morytania tough diary, 99 fletch, and 197 barrows torso in 2 months on top of everything else you might've been doing with your spend time you have been very productive. He prob has a sugar dad handing him gp for darts.

And to be fair if you don't piss a great deal of cash away on high level darts, fletching is not really very fast - only very afk. And everybody knows you don't make much money with no members, so he wouldn't have funded it himself, surely. Sugar daddy, or buying a shitload of bonds using IRL cash. I got 99 doing magical short/longbows and created a cool like 12m. And was still getting like 225k xp/hr. Haven't played since.

Fletching is just one of the least expensive and simplest skills to train. Even without darts 200k+ XP/H is really doable without much loss. 99 fletch is like lvl 50 when converted into agility or rc. Secondly, 200 barrows isn't that crazy a grind. . .Agreed I simply started barrows for the very first time ever like two ish months ago. Done like 4-5 sessions and I'm over 100kc already. 99 fletch costs a lot of money and performing barrows requires underground move and mm to be anywhere close efficient.

Underground pass and MM, didn't Soulja Boy complete these quests 1 week into enjoying OSRS? 99 fletch can also be a good historical money maker. Was hoping to see this, thanks buddy. Y’all need to suck at barrows if you believe a new player can not reach 200 barrows chests in 2 months on a normal account. If he had any help from his friends that most likely got him into the game then this is easily believable rofl.

Yeah I did 200 at 20 days that is 10 per day, and I do enjoy 10 an hourso I dont think it's too bad even though I play with a lot. Yea bro barrows is EZ mode. Sick drop and keep this up. I'm always glad to see new players enjoying the game! How do you really do 10 an hour what is the magical level at.Using ibans team is Pretty fast I believe, and I 200 barrows runs Got me out of 56 magical to 72. Oh yeah I run that also and its gotten me to 79 pretty well and that could be the count which get per hour but idk because ive never actually paid attention to just how many I perform. With trident I can get it done in 5 minutes while not entirely focussed, pool and portal back to barrows so like 12 an hour. It is very afk and enjoyable to do.

Yeah, especially when you can literally teleport to cheap RS gold barrows immediately without the requirements. It's a med level money maker now for certain. For actual what bullshit... this dude'd 44rc. It takes months to get sufficient genie lamps for that xp. I consider myself relatively new to OSRS when compared with lots of individuals, but I've played a LOT since I started last November.


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