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Only One Day!1000M Free gold for rs will come for RS Plague's End Mar.20
19.3.2019 8:04:27

Only One Day!1000M Free gold for rs will come for RS Plague's End Mar.20

19.3.2019 8:04:27
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Only One Day!1000M Free gold for rs will come for RS Plague's End Mar.20

you devalue the concept of a market and just turn more skills into pseudo combat skills, like how runescape gold herblore is just an extension of your combat level now with 0 value before level 84 instead of a skill anyone cares to use for anything related to production. There always ironman for people who don want to trade, and there always achievements and titles for people who want to show off their accomplishments.

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2 points submitted 23 days agoYes, they highly efficient because of the profit and prayer xp. They have a TVC of 20M (it not worth doing a more expensive method unless you can make over 20M/hr) and you can afk and loot even 2 minutes. No other method ingame with a TVC of 20M+ is nearly as afk. If you want to afk for 5 minutes and loot with legendary pet only, the TVC is still about 18M. That why they extremely popular.

There are also side benefits. A lot of players do Hefin on DXPW for prayer not only is this much worse than vyres, doing vyres off DXPW frees up time to do other skills on the weekend. If you an iron, vyres provide a ton of raw materials, especially herblore supplies.If you 200M prayer the TVC drops to like 10M and they not really worth it. You do need some quests and Morytania legs 4.

But almost every player should do them because they badly overpowered.Shadowdrake082 3 points submitted 1 month agoNot sure, just only have the two parents as a Jmod replied any extra adults are there to just. watch. As for how the breeding timer goes, I highly suspect it happens at certain breeding ticks similar to crop farms. I have had placed rabbits in a pen and literally the next 4 seconds out popped a baby despite that wiki says it takes 5 minutes to breed;

as well as have removed a baby from a full pen and out popped a baby within seconds. Both times it happened right before the time reached xx:x5 or xx:x0. Chances are if you place the parents right before it is supposed to be time to check for a baby or remove an animal from a full pen, then I guess you get a baby.But for animals that take longer, I don honestly know how it works.

If ticks were ticks and that it, then you could time it to sneak a dragon egg in by putting a pair in the breeding pen when it time. Knowing this, if I designed it, I would require certain amount of accumulated time (since the last tick) to allow the breeding tick to process. Say, at least half of a tick period. I say this is maybe how farming already works, but I not sure plants do that. I recall planting a tree and seen it immediately grow a tick.To count accumulated time, simply counting 5 minute periods would make sense. Everything else in the game works on some tick system after all. For rabbits, that means their breeding period is irreducible, and there not enough granularity to make it work. The accumulated time exception wouldn make sense. But who cares? Rabbits are worthless anyway. For slower breeding animals, it matters more, and accumulated time could be better measured.

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