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So you’re drafting in the first round

18.6.2019 5:03:58
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So you’re drafting in the first round

Sure Jaylon Ferguson Jersey , you may end up with the next John Elway or Peyton Manning, but then again, you may get the next Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russell. In many ways, drafting a quarterback in the first round is often a risky proposition, and we’ve seen NFL scouts get swayed way too often by arm strength Quinnen Williams Jersey , college stats, bowl appearances, and other misleading metrics.A lot of the NFL’s best quarterbacks were draft day afterthoughts who got picked really late. Who would’ve thought that Tom Brady would become a future Hall of Famer, or for a more recent example, who’d have guessed Tyrod Taylor would have more success with the Bills than recent first-rounders J.P. Losman and E.J. Manuel? But there are some signal-callers who somehow had successful pro careers despite not being drafted at all.It may have been due to a lack of notoriety in college http://www.cowboyscheapauthenticstore.com/trysten-hill-jersey-cheap , mediocre physical attributes, or being at the wrong place at the wrong time in the run-up to the NFL draft. But whatever the reason was, these 15 quarterbacks were ignored on draft day, but nonetheless did well for themselves in the pros. The 2018 NFL offseason was quite the thriller, especially when it came to starting quarterbacks swapping uniforms. We just don't see it happen very much in this day and age Jachai Polite Jersey , but the likes of Kirk Cousins, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford, A.J. McCarron and Tyrod Taylor found new homes last offseason.Well, the 2019 free agent and trade markets will be loaded with big-time quarterback transactions as well. In case you were unclear Chuma Edoga Jersey , Joe Flacco's time with the Baltimore Ravens is running up. Ditto for Eli Manning as a New York Giant, Blake Bortles as a Jacksonville Jaguar and Jameis Winston as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.Fans know which quarterbacks are bound to leave their teams this offseason, but it only adds to more questions: Where will these free agents land when their team cuts or trades them? Which teams will even be moving on from a certain signal-caller to begin with? And most importantly, who will replace these guys as the starting quarterback?We know that Lamar Jackson will take over the starting role from Flacco in Baltimore. But who should the Giants target when they move on from Manning? If the Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos decide for a change, which signal-callers could they push for?The 2019 draft class isn't strong for quarterbacks Trevon Wesco Jersey , unless your name is Justin Herbert or Drew Lock. So most major QB changes will have to come via free agency or trades.Here, we take a look at the seven teams that need a new quarterback, who they should target, and which seven quarterbacks are more than safe with their respective teams.


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