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The Devil in Me games new trailer

24.10.2021 10:46:17
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The Devil in Me games new trailer

Standing under the banner of Bandai Namco, Supermassive Games immediately stepped on the gas to realize their ambitious horror game. Named “The Dark Pictures Anthology” which is prepared to be released in several different series with their own unique themes and settings, it also carries a relatively consistent release timeline. So like the routine they have done so far, the release of the latest series is also usually followed by a teaser for the latest series later. So, what is Supermassive Games prepared for the next The Dark Pictures?

Contained in the last part of The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes, the next series of The Dark Pictures will certainly contain the title "The Devil in Me". This short trailer shows the same atmosphere as Saw's serial killer/thriller films, where a group of people are trapped in a game that will decide who lives and dies. The “main character” itself looks like a doll born from a human corpse with mechanical parts inside. Interestingly, this series is also followed by the words "Season One Finale" which indicates the change of seasons like a television movie.

There is no definite information about when The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me will be released to the market.

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