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The OSRS Mining Expertise

23.9.2020 9:30:14
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The OSRS Mining Expertise

You forgot to bring the man logging in underneath you and telling you how to hop. I could stand the garbage exp rates if it was a little less click intensive. Just make stones behave like trees and also have a chance of depleting. I don't understand why WC provides so much superior xp/log than mining and it's so much less stay intensive. In addition you make waaaay less gp about the method to 99 in the event that you compare it into RuneScape goldmlm. Yeah but I can't get angry at RS for the nation of source prices except in the context of robots destroying ore prices. Not really a skilling complaint per se.

Not its the source falls out of bossing and that. I am not high enough level to boss so I do not know a lot about how many funds enter the sport through drops. I believe its a lot more than enters the match through bots, which seemingly was type of intentional (that jagex apparently dropped the prices of resources that way intentionally to eliminate skilling bots). It seems bosses often drop hundreds or thousands of skilling items which would take many hours to get through skilling.

I belive 99 mining at mlm is 300 hours and you also get like 80M. That means you won't get wealthy. So compared to nearly 1B for 300 hours at Vorkath. Would alch myself after 3 hours at Vork tho, but just to put it into perspective. Is that because iron is just level 15?

At least you're able to make decent money training RC at fairly lower levels if you use the abyss. Mining is simply cancer. Learn volcanic mine. Blast mining is much better cash and Xp than mlm (for higher mining lvl idk about lower lvl) I got from 98-99 fairly fast. I'd get a ~170k xp fall after collecting 900 dynamite worth of ore which is ~1500 ore.

Just make rocks act like trees and also have a chance of depleting. Meanwhile rs3 be like"have you heard of the mining and smithing rework? Oh wait you're still mining iron like it's 2005". Man, that would be among the few things I would bring back to osrs out of cheap OSRS gold. M&s upgrade was such a huge improvement to the first.


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