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Up to 9% off rs3 gp for you to Through The Chef’s Assistant Feb.20-Feb.25
15.2.2019 8:32:04

Up to 9% off rs3 gp for you to Through The Chef’s Assistant Feb.20-Feb.25

15.2.2019 8:32:04
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Up to 9% off rs3 gp for you to Through The Chef’s Assistant Feb.20-Feb.25

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If you have hard cc you can think of each time lb dashing towards you as a chance for you to punish her.If she tries to double distortion on top of you, you can knockback/knockup/charm to interrupt her at any point of the dash and it wouldn deal damage.Both W and E are skillshots so you can juke lb too. Don always run directly backward when lb dash toward you. So once you juked her you will be able to catch her when she returns.

I play lb but I don always do well against lb either :P Because her high damage punishes mistakes very hard. So it definitely takes experience to lane against lb.Lb can chunk you very low but shouldn be able to 1 shot you from full health if she not fed or without ignite.Lb is powerful early but her late game is pretty bad so you will always be more useful than lb if you don lose lane, keep farming and don facecheck a brush or wander around on your own.

Her only way to stay relevant after you starved her in laning phase is to 1 shot adc/support coz they are lower in level. Or kill securing low health stray enemy coz lb can gap close over a long distance.This is actually so insane because the only team I hoped to win Worlds before it started was IG. I never dared to believe the West has a chance and I a big Rookie fan, but now I sitting here

with a huge grin on my face, knowing that no matter who wins in the end, I will be happy. C9 best storyline and the ultimate fuck you from Sven to TSM. FNC Rekkles and Soaz definitely deserve that after so many years of failures. G2 so many Chinese tears and salt, also Perkz as EU goat and Hjarnan as a world champion after getting so much shit would be something else. IG I love Rookie, and it would be a great end of the year for them, after losing to RNG in both LPL playoffs.

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