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Why software tools need to adjust to the changing landscape of ALM

12. 9. 2017 13:43:23
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Why software tools need to adjust to the changing landscape of ALM



There’s no hiding the changes happening in the application life cycle. Heavily influenced by the likes of DevOps and agile, ALM today is affected by market disruptions and the role that business leaders and stakeholders play throughout the process of delivering software.


Companies are focusing on the rapid and continuously changing landscape of ALM and its tools, which have also have evolved tremendously since the days of traditional ALM practices.

ALM has not retired, although its focus has changed to fit the needs of the customers. Those looking to refine their application life cycle are sifting through the marketplace to find the right tool—one that will give their company agile feature functionality and help them move toward a more continuous way of working.

A business can no longer look at just the planning and the building of software; they have to monitor every step in between to make sure the software delivered meets the expectations of the user.




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