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effects in flowing long hair or black-blue shades

15.2.2020 8:43:55
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effects in flowing long hair or black-blue shades

Luxury means enjoyment and the desire for individuality. Beautiful hair is a luxury that can be fulfilled, and perfect colors make it unique looks. Blonde shortcuts for androgynous punk princesses, gold color effects in flowing long hair or black-blue shades in geometric Asian styles. Uniqueness through color - luxury for anyone who wants to break out of mediocrity. Haircut and color as

creative balance of perfect structure and wonderful shining moments. The looks of ColorLuxury by kpOchs show modern fashionistas



soft step cuts, unadjusted fantasy women with short blond

Styles and trendy geisha beauties with graphic cuts and night black color effects. Male beauty heroes love brilliant colors in the

short cut ColorLuxury by kpOchs is of course glamorous -

an exquisite lifestyle.

In four orientations, EGO PUNK is aimed at women and men with individual requirements for modern [b][url=https://www.lacewigsbuy.co.uk/category-18-b0-Glueless-Lace-Wigs.html]glueless lace wigs[/url][/b] hairstyles. There is an enormous variety in the hairstyles of his, her, strict and avant-garde. With EGO PUNK, almost all wishes can be fulfilled while taking different hair qualities into account.


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