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hairdressers and fashion designers

15.2.2020 8:33:19
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hairdressers and fashion designers

Stephanie Kocielski, PAUL MITCHELL Artistic Director, was inspired by designers John Galliano and John Paul Gaultier. She mixes a bold everyday look with a shadowy light, the appropriate avant-garde makeup and Gothic-style outfits, creating a mystical and mysterious but also very glamorous collection.

With the L'Or al Colour Trophy, which has been awarded annually in three categories to the best hairdressers buy human hair wigs in Germany since 1996, L'Oral Professionnel has created a platform where hairdressers can experience and present their creativity in trendy styles. An independent, high-quality jury consisting of top designers, hairdressers and fashion designers evaluate not only the coloring and cutting technique, but also hair, makeup and outfit must give a demanding "total look".

The naturalness of Hawaii, which since the beginning also determines the ingredients of PAUL MITCHELL, is captured in the current theatre collection and reflected in the meaningful pictures. We would like to invite you to have these wonderful impressions on a journey with
to share us. Let yourself be enchanted by the Spirit of Aloha...
Although we did not shoot a Hollywood strip, it sounded like this or similar when star photographer Martin Bauendahl called three models to pose in his photo studio in Hamburg in early February. After our first photo shoot in the last year was a complete success, we also decided this year to Expand your own portfolio and create a set of motifs that are specifically adapted to the circumstances of the German and Austrian markets.


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